How can I join?

644195_517042355032781_1256010885_nOur future lies in recruiting more players and supporters (like you), whatever age and level of playing experience (even if you have never touched a rugby ball before). There is no obligation to join right away. Coming to a practice is the best way to experience rugby and the camaraderie of the DC Scandals.

The Washington DC Scandals offer Team Membership status to those who intend to be playing members in the Club’s competitive match schedule, or who have a strong interest in serving an active role in the affairs of the organization. Active members are eligible to participate in competitive matches as part of the Club’s team, have a full voice and vote in Club matters and are eligible to hold an administrative office. You do not have to play to be an active member of the Washington DC Scandals. The Organization encourages active members to attend or play in competitive matches/tournaments.

Fans are the backbone of the team. They are made up of non-players and former players who attend matches, Third Half celebrations, and social events as well as assist in fundraising and sponsorship efforts. Our Fan Manager communicates regularly with our fan base to keep them informed of upcoming events.  Fans are given a Scandals Tee as a thank you.

Club members get to practice with the team, attend social events,  be added to the team listserv, but can’t not participate in competitive matches.